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The telecommunications titan said that its broadband extension will broaden to rural homes and businesses in the state that don t have availability to these services.
Unfortunately, an official letter was received yesterday in which Speaker Ahmatbek Keldibekov said it is premature to broaden the coalition and that full consensus should be reached concerning terms of broadening of the coalition," he said.
As editors of the Journal we would like to challenge researchers and educators in the area of rehabilitation to broaden their scope beyond just individual and proximal variables to include what can be termed contextual variables.
Please provide a progress report on efforts to broaden the zero-rating provisions for both intangible personal property and services.
According to Wories, the company would also like to broaden the application of swing motion technology to other car types in the future.
LONDON -- The Canadian Bar Association is forming a legal aid Coalition to select test cases to broaden the right to legal representation and to deal with the legal aid crisis in Canada.
After all, her employees were a known quantity--better skilled and more reliable than the temporary workers--and in many cases were eager for opportunities to broaden their professional horizons.
When you look at it in this way, the issue begins to broaden.