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In In re Fotland, (38) the CAFC affirmed the rejection of broadened claims introduced outside the two-year window when an application had been filed within two years.
The ECSC was gradually broadened and deepened with additional treaties and agreements, becoming the European Economic Community (EEC or Common Market), which later morphed again into the EC, or European Community, before transforming into the European Union.
The intensity distribution P(S) of a structurally broadened diffraction line profile can be expressed as a Fourier series (e.
We have further broadened our product line in order to better meet the diverse needs of the industry," Wories said.
THE CFO's JOB HAS BEEN BROADENED by the growing interest in nonfinancial measures of corporate performance, such as balanced scorecards.
It found that along with a rise in the size of medical claims, the definition of malpractice is being broadened to include "failure to detect.
The Joint Legislative Audit Committee broadened the $100,000 audit to focus on the state's Integrated Waste Management Board even as it pointedly charged independent auditors with examining Sunshine Canyon among several dumps in the state, said committee chairman Assemblyman Scott Wildman, D-Glendale.
On the Senate floor, the bill was broadened substantially.
As a result of this change, the availability of expensing versus capitalizing certain tangible personal property used in a rental activity has been broadened.
Kat Anderson of the University of California, Berkeley, the word "redbud" sums up a broadened concept of plant conservation.
Food and Drug Administration has also broadened the Fast Track designation for DX-88 for the treatment of all types of acute HAE attacks, a rare and life-threatening inflammatory condition for which there is no approved therapy in the United States.
He has broadened our portfolio through both internal investment and strategic acquisitions that give us the most comprehensive set of information lifecycle management offerings in the world.