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The federal probe into Facebook's data breach incident with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica has broadened focus on the actions and statements of the tech giant, according to a report by the Washington Post which cited people familiar with the investigation.
ISLAMABAD -- The range of development projects has been further broadened by the government as it would now include the construction of jeep tracks in remote and hilly areas like Murree, the Prime Minister's constituency.
THE nullah from P and T colony to Gulshan-i-Ravi has been broadened unnecessarily which has reduced the width of the roads on both sides of it while the bridge over the nullah has been lying in dilapidated condition for the last four years.
Italy is among the countries that broadened economic cooperation with Iran after the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
In Europe, ICEs CER futures will be broadened to cover all quarters up to Dec.
7 July 2014 - US genetic testing company Natera Inc and the Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Laboratory said Monday they would collaborate to offer a broadened Horizon multi-disease genetic carrier screening test for prospective families.
One of GEN Raymond (Memo's expectations for the future of Army leadership is "to develop bold, adaptive, and broadened leaders." (1) This broadening process begins sooner than most may think.
A reissue application containing twelve additional, broadened claims for the purpose of provoking an interference was properly filed on October 31, 1957--one year and ten months after the initial issue.
He said a big work was done for 2 months to reach mutually acceptable draft agreement on broadened coalition.
He demanded of the government that despite increasing the tax burden on businessmen who are already on tax payers list government should broadened the tax net.
The ECSC was gradually broadened and deepened with additional treaties and agreements, becoming the European Economic Community (EEC or Common Market), which later morphed again into the EC, or European Community, before transforming into the European Union.
In the pursuit to add wealthy (and aging) clients, many traditional accounting firms have broadened their practices to include additional advisory services.