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Milverton's smile broadened and his eyes twinkled humorously.
No got pants," Noah announced with a grin that broadened as Adamu Adam took to flight.
At each recurrence it broadened in meaning and deepened in suggestion.
The young novice, however, appeared to have other thoughts, for his eyes sparkled and his smile broadened.
As I succeeded with my writing, my standard of living rose and my horizon broadened.
And as year by year our literature grew, strengthened and broadened, we might say it flowed on in two streams.
Anne felt her heart beat more quickly, and the horizons of her ambition shifted and broadened as if by magic.
If it properly accomplishes this main purpose, when the reader finishes it he should feel that his understanding of life and of people has been increased and broadened.
There was a ford there and on either bank a well-worn trail, broadened far out at the river's brim, where, for countless centuries, the wild things of the jungle and of the plains beyond had come down to drink, the carnivora with bold and fearless majesty, the herbivora timorous, hesitating, fearful.
Hints of robustness survived in him, more than a hint of primitive good looks, and Margaret, noting the spine that might have been straight, and the chest that might have broadened, wondered whether it paid to give up the glory of the animal for a tail coat and a couple of ideas.
Her clean-cut head with prominent, bright, spirited eyes, broadened out at the open nostrils, that showed the red blood in the cartilage within.
Afterwards, as he drew back, the smile upon his lips broadened until he showed all his teeth.