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DA Pamphlet 600-3, Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management, defines broadening positions as those ".
Her chapters are persuasively interwoven into a narrative centering on the overarching theme of the broadening of the political arena.
The career broadening officer works in various disciplines, learning the functions and challenges of other logistics career fields and can earn professional certifications in program management and acquisition logistics.
Presenting scholarly paper at conferences or workshops related to these disciplines would also assist rehabilitation researchers in broadening their perspective and developing additional skills that could be incorporated into their own rehabilitation research.
Combining this with a broadening of the zero-rating provision so that it applies to all non-registered non-residents (similar to section 10 of Part V of Schedule VI of the ETA) would provide a longerterm solution.
The determination of dislocation distribution parameters is discussed for specimens where both strain broadening caused by dislocations and size broadening occur.
The more massive the black hole, the higher the disk's velocity and the greater the broadening.
This broadening of the CFO position at countless companies across the country is being driven in part by technological advances that have freed CFOs from routine information-gathering chores.
By broadening the analysis, we'll be taking Defining Common Ground to a higher level.
A backlash against managed care is responsible for a broadening definition of malpractice according to a new study by Conning and Company.
This broadening clarification generally will be effective for amounts paid or incurred after Sept.
Broadening the legislation brings into the pro-reform fold nonprofit groups, the small business community, health-care providers, and a nationwide base of support for overhauling the U.