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We appreciate the good work being done by the tax bar associations and it is our aim to work closely with them for broadening of tax base and further improving the tax regime,' he said.
Without verifying health of the data, the broadening of tax base cannot be achieved through unreliable data.
There are many broadening opportunities for MI Warrant Officers.
Finally, Part IV will offer concluding remarks, and explore the possible paths that the CAFC may take to reform broadening reissue patent practice.
Her chapters are persuasively interwoven into a narrative centering on the overarching theme of the broadening of the political arena.
The career broadening officer works in various disciplines, learning the functions and challenges of other logistics career fields and can earn professional certifications in program management and acquisition logistics.
Broadening subsection 221(2) to include significant asset transfers when in the course of commercial activities; and
Since long, x-ray diffraction line broadening is used for the investigation of dislocation distributions; due to the stress fields induced by the dislocations atoms are displaced from their ideal lattice positions, which causes diffraction line broadening.
Some of the executives who are broadening the CFO position came to it by unusual routes.
According to a survey conducted as part of the study, 72 percent of medical malpractice insurance writers believed that the broadening definition of malpractice, particularly "failure to detect," was an important challenge facing the industry Interestingly only 53 percent of medical malpractice insurers cited the need for tort reform as an important issue and 58 percent reported that the erosion of ERISA protection was an important issue.
This broadening clarification generally will be effective for amounts paid or incurred after Sept.
Broadening the legislation brings into the pro-reform fold nonprofit groups, the small business community, health-care providers, and a nationwide base of support for overhauling the U.