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While patent owners may narrow the scope of patent claims at any time during the life of the patent, they may only broaden claim scope for a limited period of time after issuance of the patent.
Burrell says his agency, which has $90 million in annual billings and also does public relations work, could make similar deals to further enhance and broaden its services.
This strategic partnership should broaden our presence in the respiratory area, and provides a high potential partner product for Azmacort(R), our inhaled corticosteroid therapy," he continued.
Founder and Senior Managing Partner, Annette Campbell-White said, "At this point in our history, my partners and I are determined to broaden MVA's capability in order to build for the future.
0 broadens visibility to the cost impact of trade-off's between performance, quality, price, and delivery for a wide array of industries and products.
New Technology Complements Existing Product Portfolio and Broadens Customer Base for Next Generation Semiconductor Packaging Solutions
com broadens its coverage of the business, political, and cultural impact of technology, with stories such as the role of technology in rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' views on key digital rights issues.
This addition significantly broadens Union Bank's customer base and range of services, which now include trustee, administrative agent, escrow, project finance and paying agent services.
With a number of high profile installations already using the Rapor solution, this acquisition broadens GVI's presence in the enterprise market, while opening new opportunities in government facilities, airports and other homeland security projects," said Howard Safir Chairman of GVI Security Solutions.
This new module broadens our market reach and will enable us to make inroads to new customer segments," says Mitch Chancey, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development "In the past, the direction of our product development has been vertically aligned, aiming for the highest data rates and the latest breakthrough technologies.