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Broader is particularly enthusiastic about the success of the George apparel line.
Armed with the answers, Broader went about closing Kash n' Karry stores and refurbishing them as Sweetbays or building new ones--20 stores in 2005, 60 in 2006 and 23 in 2007.
But it reinforces the idea that research in science and engineering is separate from education in science and engineering; an idea that runs counter to one of the main motivations behind the broader impacts criterion, which is that scientific research and education can and should be integrated.
To make a very long story short, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, best described in the current rough lexicon as a liberal Anglo-Catholic, is seeking to convince the ECUSA (and its Canadian counterpart, where formal blessings of same-sex unions have been sanctioned) to hold the fine on further "provocative" acts, pending a broader compromise within the Communion.
The request includes $120 million for the Middle East Partnership Initiative for reform, $40 million for the National Endowment for Democracy to expand efforts to promote democracy in the Broader Middle East and North Africa region, $180 million for Muslim outreach through educational and cultural exchanges, and increases for a wide range of other public diplomacy and broadcasting initiatives geared toward Muslim publics, particularly young people.
Not only did Zanna Noe appreciate the opportunity the Teacher Enrichment Grant offered her to become a Kindermusik educator, but this mother of two young children sees her success in a broader context.
Broader perspective will not only mitigate liability exposure, but, if planned and executed properly, will also lead to the identification of improvements to internal business operations and to the development of programs that will enable the host organization to establish competitive advantages.
By providing key references for the broader history of science and of Canada, he enables those interested to place the contribution of geoscience into a broader context.
Even if you aren't blocked, this book is an excellent resource to help you get the most out of life, to work to your best, and to create a broader vision to encompass your creativity.
While stand-alone Side A coverage is becoming more common, most Side A coverage is still purchased on an excess base over the broader base of coverage that includes Side B and Side C.
Significantly, a construction project of this scale will help build a broader base of minority and women-owned business in New York City and will serve as a model for future MWBE programs in New York and across the nation.
19) More alarmingly, they have almost uniformly adopted their expansive interpretations without any serious exploration of the broader scheme doctrine's meaning, limits, history, or other possible interpretations.