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When I tell you that no one from this country was invited to the conference, I think you will be able, broadly speaking, to divine its purpose.
A cycle of actions of this sort has marks by which it is broadly distinguished from the motions of dead matter.
There are broadly three theories that might be held in regard to them.
He was not tall, though as broadly built as Alexey, and handsomer and rosier than he; he had a red nose, and an open, drunken-looking face.
No need to say 'this one was doomed to die;' for there were the words broadly stamped and branded on his face.
In busy places, where each man has an object of his own, and feels assured that every other man has his, his character and purpose are written broadly in his face.
One has only to look at the thing quite independently, broadly, and uninfluenced by commonplace ideas, and my idea will by no means seem so .
The survey of 426 firms shows that domestic orders increased for the seventh quarter running, while export orders were broadly flat.
8 million while customer deposits and unrestricted investment accounts were broadly steady at OMR 2,177.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Golub Capital LLC announced today that Kenneth Selle has joined the firm as Head of Loan Trading in its Broadly Syndicated Loans ("BSL") group.
The RDG went on: "Prices should be broadly comparable with those on other sections of the network to ensure the new services are affordable.
The discovery of how a woman s body responded to her HIV infection by making potent antibodies (called broadly neutralising antibodies, because they are able to kill multiple strains of HIV from across the world), was reported today by a consortium of AIDS researchers jointly with scientists from the United States.