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Scientists are now attempting to create a vaccine that harmlessly mimics the virus at key points in the observed process to generate broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies, first in uninfected animals and then in uninfected people.
Later, during the reading by Kate's brother James, William winked at his bride as the royal couple took their seats and grinned broadly
There has been something of a split in the neoconservative movement in the last couple of years, with one camp almost completely supportive of the war and its execution and the other broadly critical of troop levels and planning, but still favorable towards the decision to invade Iraq.
Although the HA1/HA2-joining region is the most broadly conserved HA sequence, other determinants on HA2 are shared between a restricted number of subtypes.
While average rents have been broadly stable, prime headline rents in the Paris central business district have increased to * 650 per square meter.
The Pastoral Directive, on the other hand, states emphatically that "a) the directives are to be interpreted broadly to favour sacramental reception by those eligible" (original emphasis).
We're trying to encourage each worker to think more broadly about what his or her role is," says Morley.
In other words, the government's thinking--with which we agree--is that for purposes of Circular 230 "employer" is to be construed broadly to include entities beyond the employee's W-2 employer and even beyond the affiliated group of corporations of which the employee's W-2 employer is a part.
It is the relationship between expressively alive spectator and dead or indifferent work of art; more broadly, between an all-too-human representation and an eccentric geometrical abstraction; and even more broadly, between an object that presents itself as "art" and a human being who wonders why it claims such exalted status.
That said, however, we are especially interested in having our membership broadly represented on the pages of our publication so I tend to be flexible when AMAA members send us submissions.
The final settlement for the termination of his employment broadly represents one year's salary and benefits, the Northampton logistics company revealed yesterday.
In the US, tobacco is the most broadly used screen, applied to $135 billion in US invested assets, over 80 percent of the total socially screened mutual fund universe.