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To evaluate the broadness of the area under the curve, a criterion was introduced as the "percentage of the area under the curve below the onset point.
While Libor Pesek brought part of this established concept to English instrumentalists, at the same time he had his own view, which showed his mentality, progressive thinking, a certain broadness of horizon gained through his feeling for performance--all of this resistant to conservative submersion in traditional interpretation particularly of Romantic works.
They also liked environmental health because the broadness of the field offered variety on the job and opportunities to grow.
Due to the large number of innovations and the broadness of "the learning landscape," the focus for this article will be on computer-based systems incorporated by businesses in their efforts to improve the effectiveness of customer and employee training.
It is certain that anyone going into business will have thought a lot about the significance of his product or service; it is also almost certain that he will have overestimated the broadness of the appeal or the perceived value of it.
Take your arms behind your back and grasp your elbows or forearms to create broadness across your chest.
of Oregon) reads Middle English literature and medical texts side by side to illustrate the broadness of the meanings of health and disease during that period.
CDC figures on the type of abortion procedure used are not entirely helpful because of the broadness and vagueness of their categories.
This small sampling offers an excellent view of the broadness of the functional beverage category in France.
This is especially disappointing because of the broadness of the Atlas history.