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Broil until very charred on one side and tender, 10 to 12 minutes.
This Retro Chicken Salad can be served many ways -- over lettuce, stuffed in pitas or as an open-faced broiled sandwich with melted cheese.
Argil, a special sticky type of clay, is broiled in special ovens after being shaped into pieces and then the pieces are covered with a layer of gypsum and they are decorated with a glassy material called enamel.
I set my electric oven to broil and placed my steak broiling contraption on the top shelf.
Be on the lookout for foods that are broiled, barbecued, grilled, fried, or oven roasted--these cooking methods use high temperatures and dry cooking conditions, which generate high levels of dietary glycotoxins.
CB Richard Ellis will extend its operations in sub-Saharan Africa with the signing of an affiliate agreement with Broil, the leading South African property services firm.
* If you score the flesh, grill or broil the salmon (so that the juices drip off) until it reaches an internal temperature of 175[degrees] F, and remove the skin before eating, the fish could lose half of its harmful contaminants.
Broil until flesh just turns opaque, is firm, and the skin is
rack in broiler pan and broil until top browns, about
Consumers can grill, broil, microwave or saute them in less than 10 minutes.
For the perfect al fresco dining experience, Birmingham Calor Centre, on Mornington Road, Smethwick, is offering you the chance to win a Calor Gas Choice Mirage Patio Heater or a Broil King Gem Barbecue.
HERE is your chance to enjoy a barbecue in style with an Alfresco Mini Patio Heater and a Broil Mate 202 barbecue.