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When broiling, Carpenter opts to turn on the broiler only after the pan is in the oven, positioned 4 inches from the heat source.
a) cooking until the internal temperature reaches 180 [degrees] F b) broiling for at least 15 minutes c) pre-cooking in a microwave for three minutes and pouring off the juices before broiling or grilling d) cooking until no pink color remains and the juices run clear e) any of the above f) none of the above
Before grilling or broiling, pre-cook meat or poultry in the microwave for two to five minutes and throw away the juice.
Moreover, the one-third loss in weight among broiled lean and extra-lean patties was only about 4 percent less than the broiling loss experienced in regular-grind burgers.
Unique to DACOR appliances, the ERD60 relies on closed door, infrared, ceramic gas broilers to distribute heat evenly across the entire broiling surface.
And for those with a yen for spicy food, the kitchen soaks good quality filet mignon in a peppery marinade before flame broiling it on skewers for its ``hot'' kebab platter ($13.
That's why broiling (with the heat source above the food), any type of cooking in a pan, stewing, and baking result in few if any PAHs.
When broiling or baking foods, the Toast & Bake Microwave Oven offers consumers the option of mounting either the included broil rack or baking tray.
1 pound broiled salmon (use about 1 1/2 pounds before broiling; after broiling remove skin and bones and cool)
The ERG30 self-cleaning gas range features DACOR's unique infrared ceramic gas broiler technology, which distributes heat evenly across the entire broiling surface to achieve a superior cooking experience.