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The animal broke cover and through binoculars we could quite clearly see it was far too large to be any sort of domestic animal.
But last week one of the team's cars broke cover at Silverstone decked out in dark green.
THE Director of Public Prosecutions broke cover yesterday to issue a rebuttal of criticism over the abortive prosecution of Graham Bradley.
Naomi Sims broke cover barriers when she appeared on the covers of Ladies Home Journal in 1968 and Life in 1969.
L Cpl James Ashworth, 23, was killed as he broke cover to storm an insurgent position with "disregard for his own safety" in Nahre-Saraj, Helmand Province, last June.
Once the bombs began to pound Baghdad, however, and it became politically expedient to back our soldiers, the Lib Dems quickly broke cover to follow the herd.
Twelve key questions about the future of Longbridge were translated into Mandarin and published for 32 consecutive days until Nanjing finally broke cover.
Aprilia's new road-legal version of it's radical V-twin 450cc Enduro bike broke cover for the first time when it was raced in Italy.