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As I opened the gate to let the police in, one man broke cover and scrambled over the fence," the Sun quoted Geller as saying.
BRAVERY: Bradley Malone broke cover to save a comrade
Just hours after David Cameron warned she had "questions to answer", the Bromsgrove MP broke cover to defend her second home claims and employment of relatives.
Backbenchers broke cover after the publication of pictures showing him playing croquet at his country retreat Dorneywood.
Sir - i was pleased to see that Education Minister Jane Davidson broke cover in light of recent comments by Professor David Reynolds that up to 200 primary schools could close.
4 million have been built since RAV4 first broke cover in 1994 and it is firmly established as Europe's best-selling SUV.
The animal broke cover and through binoculars we could quite clearly see it was far too large to be any sort of domestic animal.