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Alan Campbell, 71, from Netherley, says he broke down at about 6pm on Friday, March 16.
Muscat: Coastguards from the Royal Oman Police assisted an Asian boat which broke down in Omani regional waters.
Cleveland Police were called to the scene at 9am after the GeoAmey van broke down on the westbound carriageway, near Preston Farm, Stockton.
He continued: "The vehicle had only reached the speed of 25mph when it broke down again for the third and fateful time."
A number of cars broke down in the nearby Dudley Lane and required help making their way to the garage.
Posh was out driving her Porsche Carrera in Culver City when the car broke down, leaving her marooned at the side of the road.
break down 1 : to stop working properly <The car broke down.> 2 : to separate or become separated into simpler substances : decompose 3 : to be overcome by emotion <broke down in tears> 4 : to knock down <break down a door>
The EUR3million-a-year plane broke down on the runway as the Foreign Minister prepared to fly home, forcing him to hide his blushes for three hours as experts struggled to repair the clapped-out Gulfstream.
As many as 46% of drivers who broke down in London were helped, with Wales (35%) and north-west England (29%) the next likeliest areas where assistance would be forthcoming.
A FARMER could be facing prosecution after admitting he was in "no hurry" to move his tractor after it broke down across a busy railway line, transport police said.
DISTRAUGHT rap star Kanye West broke down and wept at his mother's funeral.
Therefore, the pineapple juice broke down the starch.