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The van |which broke down on the A19 yesterday morning while carrying a prisoner.
She was near the Sony movie studios when she broke down.
Bosses at Sainsbury's were left red-faced after nearly 30 motorists broke down after filling up their vehicles at the store, on Station Road, Cramlington, Northumberland.
Amazingly, this is the fourth time the jet has broke down since June, leaving insiders to claim it is jinxed.
West broke down while talking about his mother, whose champagnecoloured coffin arrived in a white hearse.
It reached the middle of the river when it broke down at around 8.
During 2005, over a million motorists broke down on a motorway and worries about doing so are well founded as these breakdowns have resulted in more than 94,000 accidents or near misses on the hard shoulder.
The Patriot Act should be made permanent, they contend, because it broke down the "wall" preventing criminal and intelligence investigators from sharing information, and now allows the federal government to "connect the dots" between disparate events and intelligence alerts suggesting terrorist activity.
THERE was traffic chaos in Liverpool city centre last night after a lorry broke down in the Wallasey tunnel.
A GREEN Goddess fire engine twice broke down while on its way to a training base earlier this week.
Terrified Galway fans thought they would never get to see the big game after their train broke down.