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It remains a mystery how the pair broke free and where they came from, but those on the roads were left perplexed when they spotted the group of horses on the A1 Western Bypass after the pair made their bid for freedom on the road in both directions close to the Metrocentre in Gateshead.
A teammate got on the end of it and broke free in the area to curl his shot past the 'keeper, with the final whistle following shortly after.
The 50-metre by 50-metre inflatable artwork broke free and rose into the sky on a hot afternoon in Chester-le-Street's Riverside Park, County Durham, in July, 2006.
Washington -- In an address to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, of which he is a member, Archbishop Charles Chaput, of the diocese of Denver, broke free from politically correct restrictions to speak openly about growing Muslim persecution of Christians.
When the clerk intervened and fired a shot through the back window of the waiting getaway car, the frustrated thief broke free and dove into the auto, which sped away as bills from the robbery fluttered to the ground.
After a few seconds, the aircraft broke free of the sea and climbed swiftly.
She broke free but they ran after her and surrounded her on an escalator, tearing at her clothes.
Again the girl broke free and ran to her mother 's workplace.
The victim, who comes from Cradley Heath, broke free and ran to some members of the public who raised the alarm.
The driver grabbed her arm and tried to pull her into his car but she broke free and ran to a nearby estate.