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He broke off, stared all about, studying the configuration of the meadow, crossed it to the redwood trees beyond, then came back.
The soldier wished to take away some token of the place; so he broke off a little branch, and there came a loud noise from the tree.
Tiare broke off her narrative and addressed herself to me reflectively.
The 2,500 sq km (965 sq mile) iceberg broke off earlier this month from the Mertz Glacier's 160 km (100 miles) "floating tongue" of ice that sticks out into the Southern Ocean.
A driver lost his load and a piece of wood broke off and went through the windshield.
Moving Hollywood closer to a devastating strike, the Writers Guild of America broke off contract talks with the studios Thursday over economic issues that have the two sides far apart despite 30 days of negotiations.
There is no way on God's green Earth you're going to write a full written response in an hour,'' said union spokesman Goldy Norton shortly after talks broke off about 6 p.
public employee salaries in Los Angeles escalated Friday as county labor unions broke off contract talks and were set to launch a campaign of rolling strikes Monday.
With the theme of ``We Share the Air,'' the 23,000 flight attendants recently applied to the National Mediation Board to intervene after talks with the company broke off.
Lolita believed they would never be able to provide for their future children and broke off her engagement to Francisco.
Twice this year, American Airlines rivals broke off talks that were leading toward letting Sabre handle their reservations, ticket sales and information technology.
Hurricane-force winds tore shingles off roofs, broke off tree tops and knocked out power Sunday night to more than 2,000 homes and businesses.