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She told the Ellen DeGeneres Show: "We broke off our engagement and he moved to England.
When the iceberg, called A-68, completely broke off, it reduced the size of the Larsen C ice shelf by a whopping 12 percent.
The woman told Ajyal Radio that her fiancEa broke off with her in online messages and that he had written the words "you are divorced, divorced, divorced" in online text messages.
The new ice island, which broke off on Thursday, will enter a remote place called the Nares Strait, about 620 miles (1,000 km) south of the North Pole between Greenland and Canada.
"The first broke off sometime around July 22 and the second in the night of July 23 to 24," Luc Desjardins, a senior iceberg forecaster for the Canadian Ice Service, said on Tuesday.
In June 2008, a huge propeller broke off a wind turbine at Sheffield University in high wind with the M1 motorway and irate local residents near by.
SPLIT: Princess Diana broke off the relationship; EVIDENCE: Khan
NASA engineers will today try to determine whether the space shuttle Endeavour was damaged when foam insulation broke off the fuel tank, as it manoeuvres toward the international space station.
Kevin Crocombe, 26, was upset when his girlfriend broke off the relationship, and believed she had returned to a former boyfriend.
auto giant broke off talks with the Renault-Nissan team last week ultimately viewing that Renault and Nissan could disproportionately benefit from an alliance with it.
I was amazed that only four of the 32 locating dowels broke off.