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When the iceberg, called A-68, completely broke off, it reduced the size of the Larsen C ice shelf by a whopping 12 percent.
The woman, who had been engaged for the past 18 months to a man she met via facebook, broke off because of a "Like" and congratulatory comment she posted on the facebook page of a female friend.
Summary: A witness giving evidence in defence of Conrad Murray became so overwhelmed the Judge broke off proceedings.
A driver experienced hardest minutes of his life, when rescue team's steel ropes broke off.
Summary: WASHINGTON: An ice island four times the size of Manhattan broke off from one of Greenland's two main glaciers, scientists said on Friday, in the biggest such event in the Arctic in nearly 50 years.
The patient was not told that a small piece of the surgical needle broke off during the procedure and remained in the vicinity of her uterus.
The chunks broke off from the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf on the coast of Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, forming two floating ice islands, according to scientists.
It is thought to be the biggest block to come adrift in the region since a 24 square mile piece broke off nearby Ayles ice shelf in 2005.
In January 2007 in Ireland, a wind turbine blade broke off and smashed through the roof of a farmhouse with the family asleep inside.
PRINCESS Diana's heart surgeon lover yesterday insisted it was her who broke off their affair.
NASA engineers will today try to determine whether the space shuttle Endeavour was damaged when foam insulation broke off the fuel tank, as it manoeuvres toward the international space station.
Kevin Crocombe, 26, was upset when his girlfriend broke off the relationship, and believed she had returned to a former boyfriend.