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RANK. The order or place in which certain officers are placed in the army and navy, in relation to others, is called their rank.
     2. It is a maxim, that officers of, an inferior rank are bound to obey all the lawful commands of their superiors, and are justified for such obedience.

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1971: The House of Commons voted in favour of entering the Common Market, by a majority of 112: the ruling Conservatives were for entry and the Labour Opposition against, though dozens of MPs on both sides broke ranks with their parties.
Fianna Fail senator Terry Leyden broke ranks over the EUR300million Anglo Irish shares scandal and said: "I've a fairly comprehensive list - it's a case of round up the usual suspects.
Hamas broke ranks with president Mahmud Abbas's secular Fatah party in June 2007, staging a coup against the Palestinian Authority and taking control of the impoverished enclave after more than a week of deadly infighting.
All three were Labour MPs in the 1970s before they broke ranks with Roy Jenkins in 1981 and founded the SDP.
But when Coral broke ranks just before Christmas last year, when new chief executive Nick Rust took over, and signed up to TurfTV, Hills and Ladbrokes followed within weeks, said Roth.
On the day supporters nationwide paid their respects to Best by observing a minute's silence impeccably, Leeds fans who'd travelled to Millwall for a Championship clash broke ranks.
You chose to commend and display photos of the two Republican senators who broke ranks with their party to vote for the amendment.
But one governor, prominent Christian Angela Sarkis, vice-president of the African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance, broke ranks and said she "profoundly disagreed" with the decision.
But one who broke ranks, Senator Michael Williams, said, "I expect him to be what he has always been--fair.
Labour MP Diane Abbott broke ranks and predicted that the Home Secretary would be leaving his post within weeks.