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magazine enough to reply "yes" to some very personal questions, such as received a gift of intimate apparel from a member of the opposite sex (10 males, 21 females), used baby talk with a lover (11 males, 23 females), broke wind while lying in bed beside a sleeping partner (35 males, 32 females), engaged in sex out of doors (14 males, 22 females) and thought of another person during intercourse (16 males, 9 females).
A dispute blew up because he broke wind in the house, in the presence of women.
YOU missed your train, you accidently broke wind in a packed lift, someone nicked your hole-punch, and then your wife rang to say she is leaving you for Bubble out of Big Brother II - it's just another manic Monday, writes Bruce Millington.
A man having a mole removed from his bottom with an electric knife reportedly broke wind during the procedure in a hospital in Kjellerups, Denmark.
A MAN broke wind at a police officer before hurling racist abuse at him, a court heard.