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Q: So maybe broken windows policing doesn't reduce crime per se.
Rob Sorcher, AMC's Executive Vice President of programming, packaging and production stated: "We're thrilled so many viewers chose to join AMC for our premiere of Broken Trial, and the continued rating success across night two is a testament to the cinematic quality of this epic movie.
Broken Trail has been a labor of love and I am very proud of the project, so obviously I am honored by the nation's wide response," stated Broken Trail star and executive producer Robert Duvall.
1 -- color) A customer walks past a broken window at Antelope Valley Bank on Monday after vandals struck in Palmdale on Sunday night.
Silverpop's "2005 Broken Link Study" reviewed messages sent by 360 of the largest US companies in nine major industry segments.
16, three weeks after a doctor reported a broken leg on a 13-month-old girl who had been cared for at Reese Family Child Care in the 4800 block of West Avenue L-2.
Accompanying Broken Rake's arrival includes a fall sweepstakes offering the chance to win an Autumn Adventure to Yellowstone National Park.
If I wouldn't have broken my hand, I would have gotten over 100.
The result will be the LinkGuard LinkMap, the first comprehensive map of the Web, which will identify broken links on the Internet and allow them to be quickly restored, greatly improving the average user's Web experience.
There was minimal interruption for kids as they reconnected where they had broken through to repair the pipe,'' the principal said.
Once the time had elapsed, Guinness World Records' Official Adjudicator Della Howes verified that the reading reached at Mile High Stadium had indeed broken the previous record.