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She was taken to hospital on Saturday with a broken back, a slipped disc and damaged vertebrae.
Paediatrician Sabah Al-Zayyat could face a criminal prosecution after failing to spot the tot's broken back and ribs two days before he died.
She suffered extensive injuries, including a broken back and collar bone, a concussion, and 10 broken ribs.
She suffered two broken arms, two broken legs, a broken back, and a concussion.
Her husband, James, and friend Judy Kealey were burned less seriously, but Kealey also suffered a broken back.
The Last Split Second is a provocative portrait of physical trauma based on Toronto artist Andy Patton's eloquent accounts of surviving a broken back and the requisite medical treatments.
Navajo legend compares the 17-mile, curving mesa to the spine of a writhing reptile, but this snake will have a broken back if the proposed Paseo del Norte highway extension, being pushed by wealthy real estate developers and Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM)--the same man who helped create the national monument--is finally realized.
Furthermore, the equity has broken back below key support in the 65 region, which had buoyed the shares on a number of occasions since mid-December.
A TEENAGER is recovering from a broken back after a horror road smash in which a car burst into flames.
FEEBLE He took his second break point of the set to lead 4-3 but was broken back immediately as a feeble lob gave the Czech an easy dropvolley at the net.
MYSTERY surrounds what happened to a man who was found trapped under his own car with a brain injury and a broken back near Rugby.