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And though he was sloppily broken back while serving at 3-1 up, the world number two produced an otherwise faultless set which he won 6-3 to force a decider.
And in time-honoured fashion the Journey to Gothenburg will launch next week despite producer/director Chris Begg being laid up in hospital with a broken back.
A TEENAGER who recovered from a broken back has achieved his dream of becoming a pilot.
"The third set, obviously got broken back, won a long game the following game to break back.
"In the third set, I obviously got broken back, but won a long game the following game to break back.
• Euro short stopped • Dollar/Yen eyes 87.15 • Cable consolidates • Dollar/Swiss bounce fails EUR/USD - The market has now broken back above the 78.6% fib retrace off of the latest moves with the break above 1.4765 to likely now open a more significant rally back towards initial resistance by the 2009 highs at 1.4845.
A MIDLAND surgeon ran 15 miles across the Lickey Hills near Birmingham - without knowing he had a broken back.
CHRIS Eubank's ex-wife is recovering from a broken back after falling 20ft from a tree.
Baby P was suffering a broken back and nine broken ribs when he was taken to hospital to be examined.
Medical evaluation revealed that the victim had suffered several lacerations and multiple fractures, including a broken back. With daylight fading, the victim was hoisted on board the helo and transported to a local hospital.
Mary's clients include Phillip, the son of a British diplomat who had rather unsuccessfully taken up the hippie life and ended up with a broken back; Amod, the kind and lonely waiter from the dhaba (cafe), who supplies her with food when she is too tired to eat but who has no joy in his life because of his fears and insecurities; and Antone, a druggie who tries to kidnap Phillip for ransom, not knowing about his injury.
She suffered extensive injuries, including a broken back and collar bone, a concussion, and 10 broken ribs.