broken off

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He says that a broken off quill that is entirely below the skin surface is almost impossible to remove.
In earlier evidence, the jury inquiring into the deaths of Diana and Dodi in a Paris car crash had heard that Dr Khan was believed to have broken off the affair because he could not tolerate the publicity.
Trade talks with Boston that centered on slugging left fielder Manny Ramirez appear to have broken off because the Red Sox were asking for three of the Dodgers' promising young players in return.
When the package is opened, the fork swings out on a hinge and is broken off.
If the neck bone's wall had been thick, the spinosaur's tooth would have broken off before it could have pierced the surface.
Yesterday's planned second blast-off attempt was scrapped when final checks revealed a piece of foam on the launch pad had broken off from the Ariane 5 rocket's central core, mission scientists said.
DUTCHMAN Jos Verstappen has broken off talks with Jordan in a move which could spell the end of his Formula One career.
Airbus officials have now revealed that pressures on an earlier American Airlines flight in April 1997 were strong enough to have broken off the aircraft's tail.
THE pilots on American Airlines Flight 587 probably did not know the tail had broken off as they desperately tried to right the doomed jetliner, a US federal investigator has said.