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According to the results of the MS field monitoring of overburden movement, the first broken step of the main roof occurred at 40.25 m, followed by periodic broken steps of, on average, 30.5 m.
"Nine weeks Of Basic," says the Sergeant, "and they still Can't mitre sheets." A bit self satisfied, In broken step they march the asphalt streets As if they crossed a frail suspension bridge.
In fact, anything a consumer can get hurt on, whether it's reloading equipment, an accessory, or a broken step at your front door, can lead to a lawsuit.
At several points along his professional road Bell has broken step with civil rights leadership and we have always been the better for the resulting exchange and reassessment.
A SCOTTISH soldier with Britain's toughest regiment is suing the Army after tripping on a broken step.
How do you report a broken step or railing, or a dead branch hanging over a path?
To successfully repair any chipped or broken step corner, you must first establish a solid base to work from.