broken thread

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Then he would pass again across some media which would reveal no spoor, to take up the broken thread of the trail beyond.
Honest to God, Saxon," he took up the broken thread, "they's times when I've hated them, when I wanted to jump over the ropes and wade into them, knock-down and drag-out, an' show'm what fightin' was.
But laying aside these useless and unavailing reflections, let us take up the broken thread of my unhappy story.
Had his wife been a whole woman, she might yet have done something--as woman can--to mend the broken threads of life, and weave again into a tissue of brightness.
Based on the premise that each individual life on earth is represented by a thread in a tapestry, a broken thread represents a life cut short.
But if you want to clear up a broken thread vein or rid yourself of facial hair, then laser and light therapies are often the only answer.
Its soothing effect on circulation can help reduce enlarged capillaries that show up as broken thread veins.
She obviously knew and loved her fantasy lands well and we look forward to the fall publication of her last book The Broken Thread.
Broken threads are most often caused by using the wrong size of thread for the needle.
Times reviewer Isabel Wilkerson said the novel offers what"enslavement denied its descendants: the possibility of imagining the connection between the broken threads of their origins.
Remove all the broken threads from the sleeve pieces with a lint roller and iron the seams flat.