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But even with Duvall reading the letter slowly, brokenly, to a mostly silent father, it's a somewhat embarrassing scene.
But Bishop transforms this contamination into an emblem, beautiful and natural, for the mingling of differences: the water "flashes or looks upward brokenly,/like bits of mirror - no, more blue than that:/like tatters of the Morpho butterfly.
They are a chorus that speaks only brokenly, rarely in full sentences, but clearly enough for anyone who can understand their idiom, which includes their significant silences.
In another moment, after the car crash and after the dangers she clearly confronts have increased, Temple again speaks more or less accurately, if brokenly, about the situation and is again shunted aside.
She avalanched upon the stunned Georgie and cast herself into his arms, weeping brokenly.
And thus the heart will break, yet brokenly live on: Even as a broken mirror, which the glass In every fragment multiplies; and makes A thousand images of one that was, The same, and still the more, the more it breaks.
She had one more comfortable hour, but when I went in, at sunrise, she reached up both her arms to me, with an unwonted, almost childlike appeal, for the help I could not give, saying so brokenly and feebly that I could hardly catch the words: "I woke--at four--with this oppression--on my chest.
Whether swaggering shamelessly in the rock setting of the title track or singing brokenly about the world's woes on hidden cut Ignorance, her distinctive drawl is captivating.
In speaking brokenly of the pain of her own loveless marriage, she shares Rosamond's trial as Dinah shared Hetty's.
We see how brokenly how warily how ill our blind gestures parodied what God really wanted (some simple thing).
Conversely, Aristophanes shows that, precisely because lovers begin united, they have always been divided, brokenly constituted within themselves.