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How do we relate that radical vision to the ambiguity and brokenness of our lives as citizens, cultures, ethnic peoples?
In the midst of the brokenness of this world, in the midst of the pain and stress and strain of this world, how many times did you laugh today?
The church's radically inadequate responses to these crises will continue to mount until it finds the courage to admit its own brokenness and cease resisting its profound vulnerability.
We are a global action-oriented people, but what about our own brokenness here at home?
The place where God reveals our brokenness seems obvious--we go through the motions of a religious life in a culture that many experience as unjust, we are not faithful, and we are not prepared (despite, I suspect, some of you having been Boy Scouts).
Sometimes we--and I include myself--don't really want to see the part of our faith that makes us more connected to the human family: the experience of oppression and brokenness that permeates our world.
This deeply wounded and immensely gifted Dutchman brought me in touch with my own brokenness, and I realized more and more that Vincent was becoming my wounded healer.
Brokenness, like Christ's incarnation, provides an opening for light and love to disclose themselves.
There, in that brokenness, we find the God who gives anything and everything to be reconciled to us, who takes on every sin, every shame, every pain, every curse that befalls us or that we visit on one another.
And the "powerlessness" of Step 1 isn't about lack of responsibility but rather about an inherent brokenness in human beings--a teaching that could have been taken straight from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Diversity can represent the quest for wholeness; it can just as easily reflect our own brokenness.
But out of his brokenness, he claims, he has discovered a new wholeness.