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It's totally up to us to decide what to do with that brokenness. Wallow in it?
Yes, let's very deliberately confess our brokenness, let's tell the truth about ourselves and the world, but in order that we might celebrate more deeply the restoration God promises through the life, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, the Savior of all.
Further, saying to listeners, "You are broken, I am broken, and Jesus is present with us in our brokenness," is not the complete Christian story.
Within these scenarios were manipulated feelings of shame, guilt, or brokenness. After reading this material, students were then asked to estimate the impact of each scenario on the transgressor and the relationship between the transgressor and the victim.
Graber Miller hits on two important distinctives the church and society need to hear: 1) God is more concerned that people demonstrate genuine unselfish love, respect, and care in relationships than in what bodily interactions they pursue, and 2) good sex that is life-affirming comes after we get what we really need--a powerful, intimate connection that is protected against hurt, jealousy, and brokenness.
The experience of mental illness invites us to acknowledge our vulnerability and brokenness, our need for others and for help.
God loves this world as it is in all its brokenness - the awfulness of unresolved conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, the hardship faced because of the credit crunch.
SOME people put on a false front - but inside they're struggling with brokenness, guilt, doubt or an addiction or other persistent sin.
We saw and experienced the sin, the infidelity, the brokenness of individual clergy.
Now, Tibbetts and James Dale of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, report that in Polistes dominulus wasps, a colony's 10-or-so queens vary in facial-spot "brokenness," an index combining the number of spots and the curviness of their edges.
I suggest that we begin to look again at the bases of social brokenness. And that we begin to see the spiritual link between the personal and the public.