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Featuring 10 richly pigmented, pearlescent colors, this palette is inspired by sandy beaches and summer bronzed skin, and is ideal for any complexion.
Ronaldo's classic ensemble of jeans, belt and white shirt - partly unbuttoned to accentuate his own bronzed skin - put Bale in the shade.
Men in Britain have revealed that they would also snub TOWIE stars such as Lauren Goodger for a Kate Middleton type who is smart, with dark brown hair and a touch of bronzed skin.
The classic gold Dolce & Gabbana packaging has been transformed into a glossy black lace and is complemented by bronzed skin tones and nude shades for lips and nails.
Other new face items bringing beauty customers back to mass retail beauty aisles include Coty's NYC New York Color's limited-edition Bronze Bliss Collection, which includes illuminating powders and complexion finishers for flawless, bronzed skin without the sun.
The limited-edition collection includes illuminating powders and complexion finishers for bronzed skin without the sun.
No matter what the "pale and interesting" brigade argue, it's a brave woman who turns up milk-bottle white while surrounded by those with supple bronzed skin - even if everyone else has cheated, too.
Back then she had just one aim as she lay in the searing summer sunshine - to have beautiful bronzed skin that would fill others with envy.
Children with a syndrome resulting from a mutation of the gene that encodes for melanophilin have silvery hair and bronzed skin after sun exposure, but do not exhibit immunologic or neurologic complications.
The cooling, soothing lotion has a hint of shimmer to help add a slither of glitter to bronzed skin.
Do you find the need for a bronzed skin as addictive as alcohol?