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BRIGHT BEAUTY BRONZED skin is the perfect canvas to experiment with juicier colours.
Ronaldo's classic ensemble of jeans, belt and white shirt - partly unbuttoned to accentuate his own bronzed skin - put Bale in the shade.
Men in Britain have revealed that they would also snub TOWIE stars such as Lauren Goodger for a Kate Middleton type who is smart, with dark brown hair and a touch of bronzed skin.
No matter what the "pale and interesting" brigade argue, it's a brave woman who turns up milk-bottle white while surrounded by those with supple bronzed skin - even if everyone else has cheated, too.
Back then she had just one aim as she lay in the searing summer sunshine - to have beautiful bronzed skin that would fill others with envy.
The cooling, soothing lotion has a hint of shimmer to help add a slither of glitter to bronzed skin.
As Mintel notes: "The 'pale is beautiful' idea has failed to catch on and bronzed skin remains highly fashionable and sought after.
Do you find the need for a bronzed skin as addictive as alcohol?
THE need for a suntan is so overwhelming for some Britons than even a scare over skin cancer isn't enough to put them off wanting bronzed skin, a recent survey has found.