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In January, the Moorland Association said it welcomed the decision by Natural England to test if brood management will help improve the hen harrier population and range in upland northern England.
The Moorland Association is delighted that Natural England has issued a ground-breaking research licence to test if brood management will help improve the Hen Harrier population and range in upland northern England.
The laboratory population of Capitella teleta was visually inspected at least every other day for the presence of adult females in self-constructed brood tubes.
In this regard, tangible information on the natural nest characteristics like the optimum nest volume, worker brood cell dimensions and bee space of A.
While some physiological characters correlate with the morphological characters (Guler, 1999), others such as brood cycle, are genetically determined (Louveaux, 1973; Strange et al.
When a colony has a good quality queen, we expect a high egg laying rate and viable brood, resulting in a vigorous population, which will determine the maintenance and success of the colony (Bienefeld et al.
Most boxes had already produced a single brood before the experiment began, but the identity of the attendant parents was not known because competing research activities restricted how much time we could spend at the field site.
For about 8 mo, colonies fed crickets, raw beef liver, and raw chicken liver all had similar proportions of colonies producing brood (Fig.
In our Sefton Park clan, there's a healthy brood with eight cygnets between mum and dad.
In the end we learned tantalizingly little about the artist's personal relationship to The Brood, except for one small but telling detail Freud himself might have enjoyed: Nola Carveth's terrorized daughter, like Breitz, is named Candice.
Arctic-breeding passerines typically raise a single brood in a season, presumably because they are constrained by the shortness of the Arctic summer.
Teigen said that hopefully they'll just have this Angelina-Brad-type brood, which she would love, the Huffington Post reported.