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Their run took the mare from the Large Brood Mare class and Championship with ease through to the Overall In Hand Championship and a straight contest with Gillian McCowan's Ridden Hunter Champion and eventual Reserve Supreme the nine-year-old bay gelding Irish Squire.
While Henry did fancy her, (Anne, not Germaine) she was just a brood mare for his ambition to have a son.
Heading the Welsh breeds in the horse and pony section was the ten-year-old Section A brood mare, the grey Crumpwell Blue Violet, owned by Jane Evans and Catherine Owen and shown with her filly foal.
Taking the supreme title was Weston Black Velvet, a Section A senior brood mare from Sara Tibbey, of the Lacy Stud, Bala.
Brood mare Ulrika will have many tears to dry and lots of explaining to do - were she a sink estate council-house dweller, social services would have her down as potential trouble.
Sage co-founder and multimillionaire Wylie said: "I bought her as a brood mare and, as horses like this don't come around very often, we're happy to get her.
Brood mare with foal at foot, 4 years old & over 1 A Payne (Sheffield), 2 Mr and Mrs Pedley (Sheffield).
Lady Bear certainly boosted her value as a brood mare.
There was high praise also for the Cobtype brood mare, Synod Rubetta, bred by Cerdin and Doreen Jones and shown with this year's unnamed foal, and for the winning Shire, the bay gelding, five, Cefn Machen Andy Bach, bred by Kerry Tanner and now owned by Anthony Szopa and Gemma Isaac.
After 10 years of trying, her Boothsdale Stud won its first section title at Denbigh with Aber Login Sabrina, a senior brood mare.
It's great for him, he has done very well with a small brood mare band.
Brood mare, with foal at foot, 4 years old & over 1 Mrs Mulcany, 2 Mrs S Lister.