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The brooding area will then be increased gradually as the birds grow as soon as possible as long as the desired temperatures are achieved.
One day old chicken of 37 +- 2 (g) weight were given brooding conditions of 32degC [21] with controlled relative humidity of [greater than or equal to] 50% for a time span of 14 days.
In this study we exposed brooding mothers of Capitella teleta and their embryos to the separate stresses of reduced salinity or hypoxia for up to 96 hours, then examined the impact on the number of larvae emerging from the brood tubes, timing of emergence, and the potential for latent effects on juvenile survival and growth.
Once a critical temperature threshold has been attained, these viviparous, protandrous, serial bidirectional hermaphrodites spawn and begin brooding their larvae for 10-12 days before releasing D-stage veligers into the water column (Coe 1931, Hopkins 1937).
Nicholson (1930) suspected double brooding on the southwest coast of Greenland (64.
There were two possibilities - either they hatched their offspring in eggs completely buried in nest materials, like crocodiles or in eggs in open or non-covered nests, like brooding birds.
This is unlike brooding birds which don't bury their eggs; consequently, their eggs have far fewer pores.
The 45-mile route can be explored by car, minibus or bike and offers historic inns and fine views, including the mysterious and brooding Pendle Hill.
2 : to cover (young) with the wings for warmth and protection <a hen brooding her chicks>
WITH his dark intensity and reputation for lonely brooding, Gordon Brown has been compared to Heathcliff - the anti-hero of Wuthering Heights, perhaps Britain's the bestloved novel.
days here in the hotel room where pleasure is revealed as a brooding in
Underwater surveys and catch data were used to estimate the duration of the reproductive season, female spawning frequency, male brooding frequency, and batch fecundity.