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(27) Diaries is constructed as a resolutely teen text, offering a 'continuation of the [channel] CW's teen-centric brand identity; with its broodingly good-looking cast, troubled teen relationships, and dramatic soundtrack'.
It would appear that Stendhal, embarrassed by his choice of subject, initially expressed and ultimately concealed Octave's unfortunate condition by casting him in the mold of such stock Byronic Fatal Men as Childe Harold, Lara, and Conrad, all of whom broodingly nurse secret woes too terrible to reveal, are intensely misanthropic, and exhibit a lofty aversion to love--but none of whom were supposed by early nineteenth-century readers to be anything less than dangerously virile.
Now he is in a committed relationship with Ronan, his broodingly handsome classmate.
Some do; others sit still, almost broodingly. "When we see a situation like that, and I'm including myself, we usually just sit there and watch, we don't interfere or say a word," observes Alfoldi.
The living room is empty as the play opens, but in the study we find the Poet at his desk, seated broodingly before his typewriter, staring at it.
Once robed, I enter a courtroom in which his portrait--a Rembrandt-like rendition of the Judge in which he appears broodingly omnipresent--hangs.
In the words of Thorslev, the mature Shelley shows no evidence of a faith in the transcendent idea broodingly present in nature as was the belief of his predecessors in the first generation of the Romantics, especially Wordsworth and Coleridge (93).
Other, more nuanced masks like Inner Vision, imply a psychological condition in the closed eyes of five faces broodingly connected and covered by ribbons of clay.
King Tut's, Glasgow, April 26 Manchester electro band Hurts proved to be an entertaining headliner, with a broodingly theatrical stage presence and catchy songs.
The "heavy silence" (104) surrounding Kedar emphasizes the fact that this is his last chance to renounce the hunt; nature is silently and broodingly waiting for his choice.
As evidence of that, I suggest the least cute picture of a baby of which I am aware: the broodingly malevolent infant in the painting by Marlene Dumas called Die Baba [The Baby] (see fig.
For the early-20s version of myself had also long been obsessed with Jones/Baraka, with an intensity that perhaps only a broodingly alienated hyper-intellectual jazz musician from a Jewish suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, could muster.