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The sexy striker is not only broodingly beautiful, but he has the kind of torso most women - and men -can only dream about.
Scully's work, however, is more broodingly romantic than either of these artists'.
1848), for instance, looks out broodingly at the reader, her sullen eyes and frowning mouth completing the "darkening" of the heroine's character that begins with her long hair and gown (see figure 4).
Hermitage Castle, a place of siege and counter siege, a witness to countless acts of barbarism, watched broodingly over the bloody events of the border valleys.
After Lestingois has stepped in to protect Anne-Marie from Boudu's lusty horseplay and sent him off to the barbers, he returns to the front room piano and broodingly picks out the melody of "Les Fleurs du Jardin".
Oswald is broodingly self-aware and at the centre of his own drama of changing response.
Ruffalo is broodingly attractive with an unexpected glimmer of romance under the tough skin.
Eminem is a media magnet whose broodingly bleak beginnings include being born just outside of Kansas City, Mo.
It is broodingly dark -- one of the darkest beers to have crossed my palate.
Broodingly sexual in a way that is most often associated with the warrior's violent lifestyle, Fishburne's Othello is most evocative of a cultural figuration of the American black male in the 1990s.
But what Zomosa did have was an intensely male stage presence; he was tall and muscular with a craggy face that was broodingly, distinctively handsome.