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"mingfling] as easily as two brooklets that ask for nothing but to
The Brooklet won in the colours of Clive Hitchings, while Royal Jake carried those of Hitchings' son Charles.
Krystal Grell (Pen Name: Krystal Claxton) of Brooklet, GA, a writer award winner from 2015 was also in attendance at this year's awards show.
(25) The secondariness of this epic finds its emblem in the references to "little Troy" ("parvam Troiam," 350), a simulation ("simulata"): I saw before me Troy in miniature, A slender copy of our massive tower, A dry brooklet named Xanthus.
In 1979, Brooklet published an article reviewing 120,132 stapedectomy cases.
Total assets of the combined firm would be approximately USD925m and it is to have full-service banking locations in Dublin, Gordon, Gray, Warner Robins, Statesboro, and Brooklet, Georgia.
Brooklet states in this month's Vestibulology Clinic that the nystagmus velocity values seen on alternate binaural bithermal testing are only estimates.
Neville, Brooklet, GA LaToya Pinkston, Riverdale, GA Michele J.
Little brooklets would form in the fields, in the barnyard in wheel tracks.
underground brooklets heaving small chunks of us away, worm residues
His unashamed ambivalence wins over the urbanite in me, allows me to rejoice when Roorbach finally discovers the source of Temple Stream--two springs from which brooklets emerge, which soon combine, growing bigger and bigger ...
that touch softly and are at rest; they mingle as easily as two brooklets