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In feudal England, a type of tenure by which a tenant was permitted to use real property that belonged to a lord in exchange for the performance of some service, such as providing young women for the use and pleasure of the lord.

An individual who, for a fee, supplies another individual with a prostitute for sexual purposes. To pander, or cater to the sexual desires of others in exchange for money.




n. a person who procures a prostitute for customers or vice versa, sharing the profits of the woman's activities. Supposedly he provides protection for the prostitutes, but quite often he will threaten, brutalize, rape, cheat and induce drug addiction of his women. A pimp commits the crime of pandering. (See: prostitution, pander, panderer)

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Evil Nasko knows brothel keepers will work them to exhaustion, making [pounds sterling]1,000 a day from each smuggled slave, whose numbers in British brothels now total 11,800 according to cops involved in Operation Acumen.
8, not only became tangible threads between Ofumi and Osaki and the people who were important to them, such as their brothel keeper, husbands, lovers and children, they also invariably became physical extensions of the women's joy, sorrow and pain.
Former brothel keeper Mark Cass leaving Teesside |Crown Court this week after the start of his proceeds of crime hearing
Renu and other young girls being raped for profit in the brothel were found crammed into a small compartment behind a false wall--where the brothel keeper had hidden them to avoid detection and rescue.
POSH brothel keeper Samantha Blandford Hutton threatened to throw herself off the top of a Dublin hotel saying she could fly, months before her trial.
A WOMAN brothel keeper was found to have made nearly half a million pounds from her sordid trade.
A ROMANIAN brothel keeper was jailed for three months after gardai raided the place just 24 hours after Valentine's Day.
She said she would entertain up to seven or eight men per working day and would charge pounds 60 from each man, which would be split 50/50 with the brothel keeper.
BROTHEL keeper Stephen Hodgkiss escaped having his ill-gotten gains seized because no-one knows how much he made.
A 43-year-old Malaysian woman was arrested on suspicion of human trafficking and being a brothel keeper.
A BLONDE brothel keeper has been ordered to pay more than pounds 4,000 after being exposed in an undercover investigation by the Sunday Mercury.
Neither has any idea that one of their most popular girls boosts her income as a brothel keeper.