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CAIRO -- 11 March 2018: The Muslim Brotherhood has started spreading rumors and lies about the upcoming presidential election, member of Egypt's National Council for Human Rights Mokhtar Nouh told Egypt Today on Saturday.
While the measures applied by the state vis-a-vis the Brotherhood over the past few years have certainly weakened the organization, they have not altered its members' allegiances and beliefs.
In response, the Brotherhood's offices in Upper Egypt refused the suggested regulations, stating that the Brotherhood is obliged to follow all decisions issued by the organisation's Shura Council.
Tadros's book The Muslim Brotherhood in Contemporary Egypt: Democracy Redefined or Confined?
Few organizations have had an impact on the social and political aspects of the Middle East comparable to that of the Muslim Brotherhood.
In the event the bill is signed into law, Brotherhood leaders will no longer receive the red-carpet treatment at the Obama White House.
Malcolm (Amir Mitchell-Townes ) and Tracie Booker (Kaci Walfall) got themselves into trouble by getting mixed up with the Brotherhood gang and their money.
A court in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria ordered authorities to bar any candidacies from Brotherhood members or former members in presidential and parliamentary elections, News 24 reported.
In a statement released this week, the Brotherhood announced that it would challenge the British court in "any improper attempt to restrict its activity.
LONDON -- The Muslim Brotherhood has called on UK officials to stop their review of the Islamist organisation's activities after British premier David Cameron called for a probe into the Muslim Brothers' activities earlier this week.
Today, this option has become more problematic for many Arabs, both because of the recent incompetence of the Brotherhood in office and the crackdown against it by various regimes, especially Egypt and wealthy Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and others.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Saudi Arabia's fierce campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood, already on the run in its Egyptian birthplace, has divided a Persian Gulf Arab bloc, causing discomfort in some member states where the Islamist group is embedded in daily politics.

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