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BROTHER, domest. relat. He who is born from the same father and mother with another, or from one of them only.
     2. Brothers are of the whole blood, when they are born of the same father and mother, and of the half blood, when they are the issue of one of them only.
     3. In the civil law, when they are the children of the same father and mother, they are called brothers germain; when they descend from the same father, but not the same mother, they are consanguine brothers; when they are the issue of the same mother, but not the same father, they are uterine brothers. A half brother, is one who is born of the same father or mother, but not of both. One born of the same parents before they were married, a left-sided brother; and a bastard born of the same father or mother, is called a natural brother. Vide Blood; Half-blood; Line; and Merl. Repert. mot Frere; Dict. de Jurisp. mot Frere; Code, 3, 28, 27 Nov. 84, praef; Dane's Ab. Index, h. t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The participants interacted with the Baraha programme, which also included speeches delivered by some preachers, in an atmosphere "that supported brotherliness between members of the community, encouraged the exchange of views and ideas, promoted human values and strengthened the bonds of compassion", QC said in a statement.
The programme included speeches delivered by preachers in an atmosphere that supports brotherliness between the members of the community, encourages the exchange of views and ideas, promotes human values and strengthens the bonds of compassion.
Al Zayani expressed the pride and boasting of GCC citizens of belonging to this great edifice, citing the spectacular achievements, mutual bonds of amity, brotherliness and cohesion and comprehensive cooperation in all fields throughout the GCC's blessed march.
But now the leaderships of the two sides have vowed to take to the path of brotherliness and cooperation for stability and economic growth.
Abu Dhabi -- The Coptic Orthodox Church in Abu Dhabi hailed the UAE's moderate approach and its work to consolidate principles of tolerance, brotherliness and peaceful coexistence between different religions.
This would indicate that there are some consequences to take care of, over and above the chants of the traditional PML-N unity and brotherliness.
On the one hand, the President extended a hand of brotherliness by assuring members of the East African Community that their citizens will be treated like Kenyans and will be free to operate in this country using only their national identification card.
The talks were held in a friendly way that reflected mutual amity and brotherliness and common willingness to cement bilateral cooperation and coordination in all domains.
[A] wave of enthusiasm and brotherliness is running through the minds of Muslims as well as non-Muslims here ...
If our values and habits are founded on the principle of ndummilinduazo, live and let live, our approach to the environment would be that of friendship and brotherliness (Ibanga, 2014, p.188)