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9) Yet, at the same time Weber was pessimistic about this prospect as the radical ethics of brotherliness is squarely at odds with the political, economic, aesthetic, intellectual and erotic value spheres.
However, some players see such developments more as a case of game over -- at least when it comes to the intimacy and brotherliness that has marked out eSports to date.
At such a juncture, it is necessary to present a real picture of the merciful Islam, the Islam of peace, amity, and brotherliness to the people of the world and lead the creation of a world where there is no violence and extremism.
I wanted to have that same relationship with my friends--that of brotherliness.
HRH Crown Prince visits Majlises, affirming cohesion, mutual respect, brotherliness spirit protect the Homeland.
However, humankind can choose to "protect himself from the consequences of his own madness only by creating a sane society which conforms to the needs of man," and that a society can be constructed where "man relates to man lovingly, in which he is rooted in bonds of brotherliness and solidarity.
Brotherliness developing beyond the family constitutes a matter of choice.
May Allah bless all the donors and enable them to always be part of efforts to promote peace, brotherliness, harmony and love among all people," said Mr.
The Islamic tradition does not only sustain brotherliness and good neighborly relations but also teaches children the spirit of generosity and charity.
In Taiwan, we have long taken upon ourselves the responsibility for safeguarding and furthering traditional Chinese culture, and advocate that culture be the basis for exchanges between both sides to help promote the nationalistic sentiment for living together in prosperity and to foster a strong sense of brotherliness.
His topics include the provincial structure of Judah, artifacts and architecture, the Diaspora in Babylon and Egypt, revisions of older writings, the genesis of ecclesial structures, and the ethos of brotherliness in the community of faith.