brotherly love

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Natasha Brubaker Garrison and Imam Soharwardy for their leadership in showing us the power of brotherly love.
The City of Brotherly Love is playing host to hundreds of 'Brothers and Sisters in Arms' for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games," should have been the subtitle of the article.
It is important to remember the difference between brotherly love and unconditional love.
Digging in the City of Brotherly Love is strongest when it sticks to those digs, to exploring the spaces and objects of the early city and the stories they relate.
Exhibition spokeswoman Liz Lacey said: "John was brought along to open the exhibition and there was some brotherly love going.
Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science founder, wrote of the need "to rise from sentimental affection which admires friends and hates enemies, into brotherly love which is just and kind to all and unable to cherish any enmity.
More Than Petticoats, Kate Hertzog (TwoDot): It may be the City of Brotherly Love, but philadelphia sits in a state whose contributions to American women's history appear in a new light in this smartly researched and engagingly written collection of profiles.
BROTHERLY love has motivated a hair-raising skydive attempt.
I don't think you'll find much brotherly love on offer
But honestly, what kingdom of peace and brotherly love has this woman been living in?
Will Bunch, the senior writer at The Philadelphia Daily News who also pens the popular Attytood blog there, is a longtime Bruce Springsteen fan -- after all, the Boss has always had a soft spot for the City of Brotherly Love just across the border from his Jersey home base.
In the suburban world of nice homes, lawns and new cars it's easy to forget about social justice and brotherly love, but Justice in the Burbs: Being in the Hands of Jesus Wherever You Live shows it is in the suburbs as well as in urban areas, using plenty of case history examples to portray the places God is discovered in the habits of man.