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As tools were rotated different drying systems were brought into play so that all the applications could be run on all the dryers.
I totally agree that prosecution should be brought into play for any manufacturers that do not label products properly both in terms of their intrinsic contents and in terms of any procedures used to treat the products that involve using body parts of animals.
The DRS, which allows each side two challenges, was brought into play shortly after drinks in the opening session when Chris Gayle asked for a referral after umpire Ian Gould turned down a confident lbw shout from debutant Ravi Rampual when Ponting was on 30.
Still, Nadya Suleman's 14 children are a public issue that involves not just anyone's right to have children but the technology that society allows to be brought into play.
From dietary changes and nutritional supplements to exercises from aerobics to yoga, a range of alternative therapies are brought into play in a survey alternative health libraries will want.
Different types of lighting scenarios are brought into play according to the seasons.
The upheavals of global political events are brought into play by examining how they influenced various ethnicities' decisions to immigrate to America.
The book will help readers with experience in relational systems to better understand the implications that have been brought into play by the introduction of new hardware.