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Consequently, a range of stakeholders from big time farm owners to industrialists and business people, all refuse to acknowledge that they must be brought to account for their dues.
It is time those preachers who lecture and brainwash the youth to depart from the true path are brought to account. We must all be Middlesbrough
If it's not theft thEn it must be down to poor quality, so who will be brought to account for supplying goods clearly not fit for purpose?
The only time that lessons will be learned is when people in public office who are responsible are brought to account.
A current Wrexham county councillor, Coun King, also firmly believes there were people in prominent positions who escaped being brought to account for child abuse.
It's about time this government was brought to account, they must not be allowed to waste our money and get away with it.
These are the people who should be brought to account, for the deaths.
| VIENNA, Feb 9 (KUNA) -- Those responsible for violence against the civilian population in Syria must be brought to account, said secretary of state at the Austrian Foreign Ministry, Wolfgang Waldner, in an interview with the Austria Press Agency.
Nobody has been brought to account since the conviction of the Birmingham Six was quashed by the Court of Appeal on March 14, 1991.
All I would say is the police appear to be in enough trouble with the general public regarding the demeanours of telephone tapping and I would expect that whoever is in charge of security at the House of Commons is brought to account.
Alexei Sayle once made a joke about stringing up those responsible for the destruction in Clayton Square, but on a more serious level, those who made those decisions should have been brought to account for their actions.
He said former head of the Hariri probe Detlev Mehlis, who accused Sayyed and four other former pro-Syrian generals as well as Damascus of involvement in the crime, should be brought to account. Lebanon's Prosecutor Saeed Mirza should also be tried, according to Sayyed, as he was part "of a conspiracy of false witnesses and political and arbitrary arrests." Two Lebanese judges who are part of the international tribunal's panel should also be brought to account, said Sayyed.