brought to fruition

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Not all of the plot threads are brought to fruition, however, and there are a couple of twists that are clumsy and do not ring completely true.
We see Christmas come to life on stage in the story of the life of a boy, crippled and shunned, whose dreams of being like the other boys are brought to fruition through his hospitality to those journeying to bring gifts to the newborn Christ," says Webb Parker, the opera's conductor and chorus master.
Granted that political policies are not brought to fruition by being in opposition.
The initiative to establish an international accreditation partnership was brought to fruition through the work of Jan Kwak, FCIC, professor emeritus at Dalhousie University and John McIntosh, FCIC, professor emeritus at the University of Windsor.
What he brought to fruition in a time of great austerity should serve as an inspiration to future generations.
It was your passion, expertise and tireless commitment to educating others about social inequalities in health that inspired and brought to fruition this special issue of the Canadian Journal of Public Health.
A good deal of the delay was brought about by ideas foisted on us that if they had been brought to fruition we would not have had the Forum and the space for outside leisure activity in the John Whitehead Park would have been much reduced.
The plans have been brought to fruition by locals Andrew Paul, Lyndsey Paul, Graham Lee, and Sharon Holding.
The fresh chilled baking mixes in a unique crumb format are the brainchild of Marianne Jones, Director of The Master Mix Baking Company, and have been brought to fruition with the expertise of food consultant Lewis Scott, former owner of Maynards Scotts food company.
Pinckney Award, given in recognition of notable achievement in manufacturing research and development for rotorcraft or rotorcraft components brought to fruition in recent years.
We are continuing to press home to City Council the importance of that being brought to fruition.
This project has been brought to fruition by "Kyrgyztelefilm" with the assistance of the Arts and Culture Program of the Swiss Cooperation Office in the Kyrgyz Republic.