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One is becoming accustomed to reading the results of such surveys routinely published in the Western Mail and discussed on BBC Radio Wales and BBC television's Dragon's Eye programmes, to the extent that one may conclude that there's a concerted attempt by the media in Wales to browbeat waverers into submission.
The claim of overfeeding has been roundly rejected by the people who should know, namely the RSPB, yet Coventry City Council has felt the need to browbeat an elderly resident into curtailing her trivial pastime of feeding birds in her garden.
Jeremy Paxman is lauded as the number one interviewer, but isn't he simply a curly-haired Flashman, no longer there to elicit information but merely to browbeat?
Honda is hoping that kids will browbeat their parents into buying one of its latest cars and has even printed a brochure on its new sports utility vehicle which is designed specifically for children.
If the people do not approve of their scheme, they intend to keep resubmitting it to them until they finally browbeat or bribe enough votes to pass it.
Is the boss now calling "time" on the man who was feared by Cabinet Ministers and who, seemingly, enjoyed trying to browbeat political journalists?
In 1997, the Senate browbeat the NIH into reversing a statement that routine annual mammograms should not be recommended for all women in their 40s.
Steel describes how Kennedy successfully browbeat Manchester into a slightly more favorable portrait of Johnson, and closes the incident with the judgment of a Kennedy aide that the ensuing Manchester controversy "did more than anything else to affix the image of ruthlessness on Bob Kennedy." Finally, in a 1968 scene just after LBJ's political surrender and just before RFK's death, Steel sketches Kennedy's White House visit to pay his respects to Johnson as a candidate to succeed him.
Interrogators often keep prisoners awake for days at a time and then browbeat the exhausted captives with an ideological barrage they find difficult to resist.
US president should not browbeat us', he said this while talking to media men here at Mewa Khel house Saturday.
"The neighbours wouldn't dare to browbeat us, if our country has a strong government.
The denial of the existence of God is behind all the fantastic claims of evolutionists who want to browbeat anyone who dares to say they are wrong.