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And, therefore, the Election Commission is not supposed to be browbeaten by a disgruntled or a losing political party.
girlfriend to in rapidly depressed by her accept such cruelty and course, can mind-set unacceptable by those browbeaten condence More, though, depressed by the 'She rapidly followed like an anxious puppy that tolerates a kicking because it craves affection.
However, it is the side which has been largely untold; our politicians and Fortune 500 chieftains have browbeaten us with the other half.
The CPP, however, will not allow itself to be browbeaten to order the NPA to go on a ceasefire while operating troops of the AFP showed no plans of letting up in their search-and-destroy operations and frenzied offensives that terrorize civilian communities,' it said.
She said that RSS and its allies wanted to curb all the credible voices, create an atmosphere of fear and further suppress the browbeaten and oppressed people of Kashmir.
No, we must carry on regardless and not be browbeaten into being scared to death by unnecessary "security" measures.
A folky tribute to the dreams of the browbeaten office worker from the leader of Glasgow's nu-folk revival.
Let's be sensible here and refuse to be browbeaten into another strike.
I also went to school in the 40s and 50s when we kids from working class areas were browbeaten with French, German, even Latin.
And I think that if I am to be browbeaten into giving up my two hens, then I could challenge the enforceability of such as I have challenged such rules before and defeated them.
Yet the Rob who gradually emerges is a wimpish victim, browbeaten by his idle, constipated and frigid wife Jean.
This is emotional blackmail and I will not be browbeaten into making a donation under such circumstances.