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How does it happen that a relatively helpless elderly person is subject to skin-penetrating bedsores, malnutrition, browbeating and threats by staff in an institution entrusted with his or her care?
Meanwhile, the inspector general of the Army Forces Far East launched a full-scale investigation into her activities in Korea, and an irate article in the New York Times juxtaposed her tour with Senator Joseph McCarthy's investigation of the army: while "Senator McCarthy demeaned his position by bullying and browbeating officers of the Army," the "weaknesses in service morale |were~ epitomized by the visit of Miss Monroe to Korea.
Nor, as Emily Maitlis found out, is he afraid of browbeating opponents with statistics - even if they appear to be worthless.
The supermodel has supposedly been browbeating her former junkie boyfriend into quitting his band and concentrating on getting clean.
Bono may be celebrated for browbeating world leaders into funding debt relief for developing countries, but his Irish rock band is facing criticism for switching its financial affairs overseas to avoid paying higher taxes," reports The Guardian.
The transcripts released on May 5th offer little evidence of McCarthy's reported penchant for browbeating witnesses.
Her favorite pastime is browbeating her impressionable rookie partner Rollins (Ray McKinnon).