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This study highlights differences in the biodegradative ability and decay mechanisms among phylogenetically disparate brown rot fungi.
maxima showed the greatest weight loss for all the fungi tested, with the brown rot fungus contributing more to the weight loss as shown in Figure 2.
The scientists explored the potential of these yeasts for controlling postharvest brown rot, the most destructive disease of stone fruits.
The control of brown rot is a major challenge to the production of high quality peaches in accordance with the requirements of environmental sustainability, food safety and economic viability, and it requires the use of technologies that are not harmful to the environment or to human health.
It presented excellent control of both anthracnose (Glomerella cingulata) and soft brown rot (Hendersonia creberrima) of mangoes cultivars "Ensation" and "Kent" but was found to be phytotoxic causing lenticel damage.
Harmon examines brown rot in a slice of Western hemlock, a species that decays quickly.
Affected bulbs exhibit a chocolate brown rot and may eventually completely decay.
To control brown rot on apricots, spray with a Bordeaux mixture (hydrated lime and copper sulfate) or other fungicide containing copper.
-PICK off and destroy apples showing signs of canker and brown rot.
The researchers are collaborating with Cepheid of Sunnyvale, California, to test this innovative technique for detecting bacterial will (brown rot) and ring rot of potato, citrus canker, Karnal bunt, Pierce's disease, citrus variegated chlorosis, plum pox, soybean rust, watermelon fruit blotch, and other emerging plant diseases.
But, unfortunately, because of airborne disease found in many gardens in the Midlands, I'm suffering a lot of soft brown rot.