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Earlier studies provide sound evidence that the resistance of parenchyma cells to decomposition by brown rot fungi is not associated with the lignin composition or the total lignin content within parenchyma cells.
Whereas brown rot attacks the fruit, gummosis attacks the tree itself.
For this purpose, wood samples of a range of diffuse porous trees were selected and artificially incubated with brown rot fungi.
Biodegradative mechanism of the brown rot badisomycete Gloeophyllum trabeum: Evidence for an extracellular hydroquinone-driven fenton reaction.
Cold weather this month has reduced yields, while the industry is closely monitoring new production areas developed away from the Nile Delta region, following the emergence of brown rot last season.
Measures to protect the UK potato crop from brown rot will be extended for another year.
Continue to harvest cultivated and wild blackberries and autumn raspberries and finish off the harvest of plums before they are destroyed by wasps and brown rot.
Two farms in Co Wexford have reported a brown rot on their crops and it is feared it could spread to other areas.
Traces of brown rot have been found during annual survey checks in a consignment of seed potatoes at a farm in Lancashire.
An immediate ban has been imposed on imports of new potatoes from Egypt following the discovery of five cases of brown rot in the UK.
Harvest plums as soon as they are ready and dispose of any that have brown rot in the dustbin.