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Open windows displayed within a 2D desktop environment can be organised into one or more 3D browsable stacks in a 3D browsable stack, where each stack includes open windows associated with a common value for a grouping property," reads the patent's abstract.
The editors organized the approximately 1,000 entries into fifteen browsable Reader's Guide categories: "Activism in Theory and Practice"; "Arts"; "Business, Commerce, and Economics"; "Countries"; "Education"; "Environment"; "Government/Law and Justice"; "Health: Mental and Physical"; "Media/Popular Culture"; "Religion"; "Science and Technology"; "Sports and Recreation"; "Sexualities"; "War and Conflict"; and "Women's Lives.
Using apps like Flipboard, you can see your Twitter stream redesigned as a browsable magazine, and it's not uncommon to see magazine-style dailies that collect interesting links and articles the user has found on their online travels.
A browsable, amply illustrated overview of avian construction from mere scrapes in the sand to edible structures people prize for soup.
However anyone expecting a browsable book with lightweight text will be disappointed.
Despite being PDF-based, DTL is fully searchable and browsable and has many features previously reserved to text-based systems.
Now, courtesy of the federal government's National Institutes of Health, you can relive those campaigns (or at least the print versions of them) via a searchable, browsable online archive at ihm.
Faced with the browsable prospect of a book like Decade a reader might be tempted to begin by flicking between the images that bookend the 500 photographs of this ten-year retrospective 2000- 2010, which brings up to date the photo-history begun with Century (Phaidon, 1999).
Dress your table: Pick up anything from bird-shaped Bakelite napkin rings to a redwood farm table at vast, browsable Antique Society (2661 Gravenstein Hwy.
It's arguably the best racecourse site, with much news and info for both rickety habituees of the turf and inquisitive young enthusiasts, a thick underfelt of history and background info, and a great browsable feel.
at that presents an online supplement to the book at hand with a short English abstract of the book, browsable metadata elements for individual articles of the Menorah monthly (issue by issue) and alphabetical lists of authors, publishing houses, and keyword concepts.
More than one-third of the journals are searchable at the article level through the DOAJ interface, and all the titles are browsable by subject categories.