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From then on, night and day, Buck never left his prey, never gave it a moment's rest, never permitted it to browse the leaves of trees or the shoots of young birch and willow.
I'm no great difficulty maker, as to bed and board; but, all old journeyers, like myself, know the virtue of sweet water, and a good browse for the cattle.
The hippopotamus, or river-horse, grazes upon the land and browses on the shrubs, yet is no less dangerous than the crocodile.
Browse Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) Development, offshore Western Australia.
It works by allowing companies to browse Web pages in tandem with their clients, said Michelle Brusyo, marketing director at visual sharing technologies provider LiveLOOK.
announced on July 27 that wholly subsidiaries INPEX Browse and INPEX Alpha had acquired a 35% interest of the WA-357-P, a 20% interest in each of the WA-274-P and WA-281-P located in the offshore North West Shelf, Western Australia.
The management objective for browse was defined to be: browsing will not prevent young plants from attaining their potential stature, their growth being primarily limited by local environmental conditions.
Users must scroll through several pages to browse the complete results for a given range.
In most collections the resources will not be evenly distributed throughout the taxonomies used to classify and subsequently browse through the resources.
These complementary offerings combine state of the art search and browse metrics, Web site analytics, and performance measurements.
I investigated the effects of altered habitat structure caused by deer browse on prey abundance and foraging strategies of black-throated blue warblers in high-browse and low-browse habitats.
The joint solution is designed to allow users of Palm OS-based mobile devices to browse web content in real time in its original HTML format.