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But on looking closely between the stems of the heath, I found a multitude of seedlings and little trees, which had been perpetually browsed down by the cattle.
Beginning in 2000, willow trend was monitored annually at 4 sites using an index based on the height of the tallest live stem and the height of the tallest, dead intensely browsed stem (LD Index).
Short (young) heavily-browsed plants grew adjacent to tall (older) plants; the central stems of the tall plants had not been browsed.
This feature can be browsed or searched to learn more about tests ranging from the A-scan, used to determine the length of the eye, to the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale (SDS).
On a recent day, a self-described ``antiques addict'' browsed in Guastella's shop with a friend from Rantoul, Ill.
Schematics and PCB designs can be browsed, queried and cross-probed in a secure environment without the need for the original CAE or PCB CAD license.
Seventeen of 20 species available along 2,890m of moose foraging path were browsed.
Moose were tracked in the snow to determine their diet composition from mid-January through mid-February 1995 by counting all browsed twigs along a minimum 50 m of foraging path at each foraging site (Wetzel et al.
However, height growth of browsed genets is often reduced or even curtailed by browsing, leading to higher levels of mortality and eventual replacement of browsed species by unbrowsed ones.
ABSTRACT: Herbivores have influenced the structure, biomass, and species composition of vegetation in heavily browsed or grazed areas.