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Despite underlying changes in moose density, certain local patches or even individual plants may be chronically browsed, whereas other patches or plants remain unbrowsed (Bowyer and Bowyer 1997, Stolter 2008).
For the purpose identifying forage browsed by calves in these age group and determine chemical composition of these feeds is important so that strategic supplementation program will be implemented.
As a result, 84 search queries and 192 browsed web page histories were collected.
We also included red osier dogwood Cornus stolonifera in our analysis since this widely distributed but rare shrub was usually heavily browsed. We excluded other deciduous woody plants such as Alnus spp., Dwarf birch B.
See-View is a unique visual search application that allows multiple images to be browsed at once.
When you browse the Web using it, nothing about the session is stored -- no history, no cookies, no temp files, no forms information, no search information, nothing that can show where you've browsed or what you've done.
Our aim was, therefore, to test the effectiveness of birch tar, a new innovation as repellent, under controlled experiments in young Scots pine stands frequently browsed by moose.
From the educational perspective, frequent itemsets can be browsing events consisting of learning objects often browsed together in a learning environment.
At each sample area, we randomly placed five 1-m radius plots and recorded the plant species (woody and herbaceous) present and the number of plants (not individual plant parts) browsed and unbrowsed by deer.
This feature can be browsed or searched to learn more about tests ranging from the A-scan, used to determine the length of the eye, to the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale (SDS).
Areas of high browse intensity have, on average, more clinging arthropods per fifty leaf sample (mean=3.0l) than less browsed sites (mean=1.65).
It also demonstrated differences between subjects with different navigational styles, since expert subjects browsed the hypermedia in a different ways from novice subjects.