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BRUISE, med. jurisp. An injury done with violence to the person, without breaking the skin; it is nearly synonymous with contusion. (q . v.) 1. Ch. Pr. 38; vide 4 Car. & P. 381, 487, 558, 565; Eng. C. L. Rep. 430, 526, 529. Vide Wound.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Dr Shahrom, the 29th witness at the inquest into Adib's death, said the bruises were not found following a post-mortem on the victim because it was not done thoroughly.
When a bruise first forms, it's usually some shade of red, thanks to the fresh blood just below the skin's surface.
The most severe bruises were only discovered after Mr Boyd was transferred to the Countess of Chester Hospital and his wife requested a full-body examination following the previous discovery of relatively minor bruises, including on his genitals.
NEVER AGAIN,' showed Barbie with bruises on her chest, arm and collarbone.
Patients with a history of hematologic diseases, coagulation problems, or acute kidney failure, and those with scars or bruises at the injection sites were excluded.
A photographer attached to the police has confirmed the body of a Briton who died while detained at a Kwale police station had bruises.
| Date: March 10, 2016 | Injury: Elsie falls down the stairs at the house in Wellwright Road and suffers bruises to her upper body.
A YOUNG mum whose baby died after she was allegedly attacked while pregnant had bruises which may be "consistent" with being assaulted.
When my daughter's turn came, the judge (name withheld for legal reasons) grabbed her roughly from the shoulder and pulled her, leaving her with deep bruises on both arms." Soon after the incident, Nadia took her daughter to Dubai's Rashid Hospital.