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BRUISE, med. jurisp. An injury done with violence to the person, without breaking the skin; it is nearly synonymous with contusion. (q . v.) 1. Ch. Pr. 38; vide 4 Car. & P. 381, 487, 558, 565; Eng. C. L. Rep. 430, 526, 529. Vide Wound.

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Having been notified of the bruising, a paediatric registrar re-examined Amelia where a total of four bruises on her head were recorded.
Bruising that reproduces the texture of clothing, the thread pattern from a tyre, the ridge pattern from the sole of a shoe, or linear marks caused by the application of a ligature are examples of patterned bruising.
Because no validated standardized bruising scale exists, the investigators devised a scale of 0-3 to describe mild, moderate, and severe bruising according to the visibility and size of the discolored areas.
In reality, there is no predictable order or chronology of color in bruising, and even in the same person bruises of similar ages may have different colors, said Dr.
Twiston-Davies sustained bruising to his legs when falling from Fiorenza at the first in the 2m5f mares' novice hurdle but is expected back within a few days.
Fruits are susceptible to bruising when they impact each other or a hard surface during picking, packing, transportation, and retailing at stores and during other handling steps.
Over time, your skin loses some of that fatty protective layer that can cushion the skin against bruising.
The presence of bruising in infants at autopsy is significantly associated with the presence of other injuries, according to a retrospective cohort study.
Sometimes the bruising will spread down the body in the direction of gravity.
He said there was a large area of bruising around Mr Parvaiz's eyebrow and cheek, which had a pattern of parallel lines in it.
Consider whether your lifestyle is physical and leads to the bruising.