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Another strategy bruited about to decongest the metropolis is to build a fast light rail system to Clark in Pampanga, and relocate national government offices to the economic zone into which the former US air base had been converted.
For example, the recession bruited by the newspapers wasn't always in synch with the day-to-day experience of one writer, who looked around him and found a Japan that was still "mega-rich" despite the economic slowdown.
He is not as well known Stateside as other bruited candidates like Mike De Luca, Mark Gill and Dennis Rice.
There may be no love lost between the Chapmans and the Turner jury's chairman, Tate director Nicholas Serota (it's been widely bruited that the brothers' public Tate baiting cost them the prize), but here's one thing they can agree on: Everybody does get a turn.
Although the word "leadership" was bruited about ad nauseam in the late campaign, we emerged no wiser about what it consists of.
The purchase, which adds to China's growing arsenal of Russian-made weapons, including submarines, cruise missiles and antiaircraft batteries, has been bruited about in defense circles since last year also as a possible response to India's orders for similar models.