bruited about

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It was bruited about outside still, on the authority of what the great lackey had told some great noble whom he favored, in confidence, that M.
But the being cherished as a kind of plaything in my room, and the consciousness that this accomplishment of mine was bruited about among the boys, and attracted a good deal of notice to me though I was the youngest there, stimulated me to exertion.
The names being bruited about range from household names like former President AliAkbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani and Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic, to three men who have made their names as chairmen of Iran's very independent Judiciary: Mohammad Yazdi (19891999), Mahmud HashemiShahrudi (1999-2009) and Sadeq Larijani (2009-present).
The most interesting name being bruited about is that of Hassan Khomeini, the leading grandchild of the late leader.
The purchase, which adds to China's growing arsenal of Russian-made weapons, including submarines, cruise missiles and antiaircraft batteries, has been bruited about in defense circles since last year also as a possible response to India's orders for similar models.
Remember the infamous "talking points," much bruited about at the beginning of the scandal?
Crossen quotes a figure bruited about by Bill Clinton on the number of lobbyists in Washington that its ostensible source, a professor, admits to deriving "off the top of my head.
Lots of different trade numbers have been bruited about in recent days.
The magazine is FSHN, which is pronounced "fashion," but which stands for Fashionable, Sexy, Haute and Naughty, not exactly words that get bruited about by the regime as acceptable.
The idea of dropping excess zeroes has been bruited about for many years.
Other allegations of distributing pornography and working against Iran's national interests were also bruited about.