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Clinical signs of femoral pseudoaneurysms are pain, extremity oedema, pulsatile mass, femoral bruit, palpable thrill, and compressive neuropathy.
Ces exemples montrent bien que les Amerindiens ont une ecoute attentive aux bruits de la nature et qu'ils peuvent les imiter a volonte.
Et, sous l'emprise du bruit, qui fait entendre de force sans faire comprendre, c'est la maitrise de la perception tout entiere qui va se trouver remise en cause.
Another study showed that bruits between the epigastrium and popliteal fossa were found in 63% of 309 patients with arterial disease, but only 7% of 149 patients without PAD diagnosed by AAI or angiogram.
A carotid bruit is heard when using a stethoscope to listen to blood flow in the artery, which brings blood to the head and neck.
A A bruit is a sound emanating from a blood vessel, particularly the carotid arteries of the neck or the aorta near the heart, indicating turbulence of blood flow in the vessel.
Les bruits de l'eolien (in French only), 50 pages, ISBN 2-913620-27-2 (2004) Euro 16 - (only available in French) - Systemes Solaires 146, rue de l'Universite, F-75007 Paris, France.
State of Pennsylvania (n = 10,325) Physiometric Assessments Number Percentage High blood pressure (Table 1) 4,951 48% High blood pressure (Table 1) 4,661 26% and self-reported history of hypertension High blood pressure (Table 1) 2,290 22% and no history of hypertension Irregularly irregular pulse 514 5% Carotid bruits 382 4% Rapid pulse rate 228 2% Rapid pulse and irregular 13 0.
By interweaving the psychological implications embedded in his protagonists, each of the five tales included in Bruits dans la montagne resounds with feelings of discontent and unhappiness.
Numerous studies have shown that patients with histories of previous strokes, T[As, and asymptomatic carotid bruits are all at higher risk for stroke than comparable persons without such risk factors.