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According to brand research, up to 80% of brushers spend insufficient time brushing in at least one zone in the mouth, and 60% either don't brush back molars or don't spend sufficient time brushing them.
Brush Back (Putnam, $27.95, 480 pages, ISBN 9780399160578), the 17th outing in Sara Paretsky's gritty, groundbreaking V.I.
Press the brush, tip-first, onto the orbital bone, and then brush back and forth like a windshield wiper to achieve a smooth, flawless appearance.
I had to dip the brush back in a few times to build up to the dark colour I wanted, but the overall effect was great.' Linda Pearson, Lincs
Simply scatter the sand on the driveway, then brush back and forth across the blocks until the sand fills the gaps.