brush off

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After a week, take out each apple slice and brush off as much salt as possible.
I brushed off the comments, as an anthropologist headed into the bush might brush off concerns about exotic diseases, threats of decapitation, and lack of air conditioning.
Officials brush off the doomsayers with a few nonchalant mai pen rais and assurances that Thailand will remain an attractive place to invest.
Dwayne Wade - At 6'4", Wade possesses both the power and the speed to brush off little guards like flies, muscle to the hoop, absorb contact and still throw down some over-the-shoulder side-ways dunks that will leave you speechless.
BIRMINGHAM v SPURS TODAY, 3PM BIRMINGHAM manager Alex McLeish is confident his side can brush off their defeat at Chelsea in midweek like "a bit of dandruff" and bounce back at Tottenham.
Larsson's wickedly struck free-kick from deep on the left flew straight past Adriano Basso, though it did brush off Louis Carey's head as he jumped with Cameron Jerome into its path.
BRUSH off all the soil on potatoes you intend to store, or they'll go soft.
Your pooch sinks its canines (and the rest of its teeth) into the bristles while gnawing away, and the bristles brush off bacteria and food debris, hopefully curing your dog of halitosis.