brush off

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People will be able to brush off their back to work blues with a stunning concert at the city's Symphony Hall on Friday.
It contains two types of silica that polish teeth gently and allow micro-cleansing whiteners to adhere to teeth, coating them and loosening stains so that they are easier to brush off in the morning.
Although outer clothing is water-repellent, the surest way to stay dry is to shake or brush off any ice, snow or water drops.
JOSE Reina's ability to brush off mistakes was the key to him brushing off West Ham's penalty kicks.
It would be easy to brush off the success of the school's student body as just what happens to schools in more affluent neighborhoods.
But Lee is also worried about salesmen who may brush off black car shoppers.
SPLAT: Bush gets hit from a great height; CLEAN-UP: He tries to brush off mess
What's left of a Mercedes-Benz can be seen in some brush off Kanan Road.