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The Senate brushed back Republican opposition to Sebelius's nomination because of her support for abortion rights.
She is described as being white, about 5'5" tall with short dark hair which is brushed back.
25pm on Tuesday was a nasty assault and issued a description of the assailant who was described as white, 5ft 5ins tall, 40-50 years old, of average build with short brown greying hair which was brushed back.
The attacker is described as white, with a thin build, very pale skin, with dark hair brushed back, dark eyes and clean shaven.
As I knelt down beside her and brushed back her hair.
With his compact body and leonine looks, hair brushed back like a mane, Adam Hendrickson at 19 looks a little like the young Jean Babilee, and even dances with much of the intensity of the great French dancer.
The man had grey brushed back receding hair and was wearing a jacket and white shirt.
Wearing a pink sweatshirt and with her hair brushed back behind her ears, she spoke only to confirm her name, age and address.
The only cheers of the day came in the second game when funnyman Adam Sandler was introduced to the crowd and when Rockies first baseman Todd Helton was brushed back in the seventh by Alan Mills after going 3 for 3 with a double, homer and three runs scored.
She said that nothing matches the performance, durability or lightweight insulating power of pile and, with a brushed back, it needs no lining.
The attacker was white, with a tanned complexion, in his 40s, of a fat or broad build, with brushed back fair hair.
The offender is described as a white man with a tanned complexion in his 40s, of a fat or broad build, with brushed back fair hair.